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Tips you Should Apply to Safeguard your Home Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Although we cannot see them, electromagnetic fields surround us. They are emitted by electronic devices such as X-ray machines, television sets, fitness tracking devices, mobile phones, computers, radios, power lines, and microwaves. The electromagnetic fields come in many forms of radiations including microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays. Visible light is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is visible due to its broad range of wavelengths. Due to the level of exposure, we have to these waves, considering our safety against them is an important endeavor. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between conditions such as cancer between radiations and animals, damage to the DNA, neuropsychiatric effects, and changes of endocrine. The following are some of the ways that you can apply to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

The first tip is on avoiding the use of the wireless functions of your gadgets. Most of the modern devices including computers, phones, tablets, and printers emit Wi-Fi signals. Instead of using these wireless connections, it would be better if you used Ethernet cables to access the internet. Also, ensure that your computer in flight mode to avoid the emission of these waves. Only turn on the Wi-Fi function of gadgets when necessary. Ensure that you use wired peripheral devices such as headsets, keyboards, and mouse to avoid these waves.

Next, you should keep the source of EMF at a distance. If you have a router that emits these waves, keep it some distance away from where people spend a lot of time. Avoid staying with your phone in the pocket because it produces these waves even when it is not in use. When operating your microwave, always ensure that you do not stand very close to it. The great distance between you and these gadgets reduces the level of exposure.

Moving on, you need to prioritize your sleeping rea. Most of our time is spent while we are sleeping. You should, therefore, ensure that during this time, you have protected yourself from these waves as much as possible. If you have a Wi-Fi router, ensure that you protect yourself from it by switching it off during the night. Your phone should be turned off or should be in its airplane mode to not only reduce the exposure to EMFs, but also to save energy. Ensure that you remove all the unnecessary devices from your proximity and deactivate their wireless functionalities.

Lastly, you need to watch out when using your smartphone. Smartphones have become an every time companion, especially for the younger generations. You should always try to distance yourself from it, especially when you are using it. When in a car, ensure that you limit the use of your phone because it gathers many signals because it is hard to keep a decent signal. Whenever possible, try to use the speakerphone instead of using it close to your head. This is more important for children because they are more susceptible to radiation from a cell phone. Also, find a phone with a low rating for a specific absorption rate.

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