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A Guide to Techwear
Techwear is a new trend that seems like it will exist for a long period. In this fashion trend, people seem to be dressing in some Sci-Fi, thriller, and futuristic fashion. Techwear comes in pieces that suit the needs of different variety of people ranging from wonks to people living in the city. These clothes are said to be withstanding more than they need to, which is the reason for satisfaction among those who prefer them. This fashion movement emphasize unity between comfort, aesthetics, and utility. With this, techwear is not only known for the obvious branding and coloring, it is also recognized for the high quality of the material used to make it to maximize the comfort of the wearer. Most brands focus on the durability, lightweight, and water resistant materials. In terms of design, they mainly go for extra utilities such as jacket slings, extra pockets, and slots for attaching hooks.
Many techwear brands do not refer their clothing as techwear. However, if you purchase clothes that have many functions and serve you better by bringing utility, coloring, quality and comfort together, you might have purchased a techwear clothing. It is easy to assume that you will have to use a lot of money to get into techwear but this is not the case. It has minimalism and simplicity qualities that can help you save your money.
To get started with techwear, you need to start with layers. A basic techwear outfit will have several layers that will give it some depth. The out layer is the jacket, which serve as the first line of defense from elements. They come in two types; the soft shell and the hard shell. The soft shell emphasizes on more comfort but less protection. On the other side, the hard shell is water resistant and more protective. The middle layer comes immediately after the outer layer. This layer consist of hoodies, down vest, or light jackets that help in keeping you warm in cold weather conditions. After the middle layer is the base layer, also known as the primary layer. This layer consist of techwear shirts. Some shirts come with added functionality like keeping you dry from rain or sweat but any neutral shirt would still fit. In cold weather, cashmere would be a great addition.
For the pants, cargo pants come into play. They have multiple pockets that serve many functions. These pants can wick moisture to enable you to stay dry even in wet conditions. Techwear cargo pants are fitting. They have a streamlined and tactical appearance. They also have hooks and straps that give them a futuristic look. Lastly, you need to consider the shoes. Most tech shoes are those with a high level of water resistance. However, even those that are not water resistant but have the aesthetic are tech pairs of shoes. Many of the shoe brands focus on making the outfit pop up. During summer, you can still dress techwear. However, you would need to drop the middle and outer layers and put on some functional shorts that adhere to comfort, function, and utility features.

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