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The Amazing Benefits of the Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction

The naturally occurring macromolecules responsible for the existence of life are the ones termed as nucleic acids. These nucleic acids exist in two common forms, which are the deoxyribonucleic acids and the ribonucleic acids. The ribonucleic acids are responsible for protein synthesis, while the deoxyribonucleic acids are responsible for genetic materials. The essential part of life science is the extraction of nucleic acids. The extraction of the nucleic acids can be done manually or automatically. However, several benefits come with the automated nucleic acid extraction den with automatic nucleic acid extractors. This article has some of the top merits associated with automated nucleic acid extractors. These benefits are as explained below.

The first benefit of automated nucleic acid extraction is the streamlined extraction process. This streamlined extraction process is essential to getting uniform sample processing. This is because the streamlined extraction process is considered highly accurate and consistent compared to other extraction processes. As a result, the sampling process, which has several steps such as lysis, washing, and elution, ends up being uniform.

Automated nucleic acid extraction has less manipulation. This is because of the few manual handling and pipetting steps. These few manual handling and pipetting steps help reduce the risk of the contamination of the nucleic acid samples even when the protocol is not executed in a sterile environment. This lowered risk of contamination help gets cleaner nucleic acid samples for use in the laboratory.

Another benefit of automated nucleic acid extraction is its time-saving ability. The nucleic acid extractors do most of the automatic extraction of nucleic acids. These are robots able to handle the tasks that humans could handle when extracting the nucleic acids manually. Hence, the researchers get more take to walk and carry out other researches while the machine controls the task. Besides, the automated nucleic acid extraction process is faster than the manual technic of extracting the nucleic acids.

Researchers enjoy seamless workflow when using the automated nucleic acid extractor to extract nucleic acids, which is another advantage. This is due to the ability to integrate the automatic nucleic acid extractor with other applications and systems. For example, an individual can do the automated extraction followed by the purification process managed with an app. This leads to an individual having pure and perfect nucleic samples ready to be used in downstream systems.

Automated nucleic acid extraction allows a research team to extract several nucleic acid samples within a short time. This leads to increased throughput. Besides, the extraction of many samples within a very short time gives the researchers a perfect opportunity to widen their scope of research due to an increased number of tests that can be done at a time. Besides, the increased number of samples in a short time allows the increase in the number of research participants and drugs for faster research. This is why the automated nucleic avoid extraction is considered the best when compared to the manual nucleic extraction.

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