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A Quick Guide to Vape Pen Batteries

Vape pens are turning into one of the more popular ways for people to smoke. The number of cigarette smokers is slowly going down, thanks to the existence of these electronic cigarettes. There are a variety of choices for you when you talk about vape pens. Besides differences in style, they also differ in sizes, purposes, and features. For this piece of invention, you can only make the most of what it has to offer when you know the different parts that make it up. The vape cartridge battery of your pen is one such component that you should not miss out. This is part of your vape pen is the reason why you can enjoy flavorful vapor from your pen. The popularity of prefilled vape cartridges is one of the reasons why you need to choose your battery carefully. Your vape pen will be ruined entirely when you have the wrong battery with you.

You have to look into various aspects of the vape cartridge battery choices you have in store to make the right selection. At the same time, you need to know that you have different vape pen battery options to choose from. For more info on these options, here is a quick guide to vape pen batteries that you can click here. With the vast selection of vape cartridge batteries in the current market, you might not have any idea where to start. Knowing about your options can help you look into your options and pick the right one for you.

The buttonless vape batteries are one of the common examples of batteries for vape pens that you will be coming across. How hard you inhale determines how proper voltage regulation is achieved. Because these batteries are buttonless, you only activate them through inhalation. These batteries run a low voltage power of 3.3 V. Thus, you have to only charge them using provided cartridge charger. Since there are no buttons present in this type of battery, you will no longer be clicking it a couple of times to turn it on or off that is why it only uses low power. If you are used to putting your vape pen inside your pocket, the good news about this is that you will not get worried about pressing the button.

If there are vape pen batteries without buttons, there are also those that do have buttons. For vape pen batteries, this kind is the second most common. If you are going to use this type of vape pen, you need to press and hold the button. Turning on these vape pens often requires clicking the button five times consistently. Turning off your vape pen entails the same process. These batteries use about 3.7 V of power. They are great for vape cartridges that are prefilled. If you are not going to use your vape pen, you can simply turn it off entirely with this battery.
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