How To Get A Flawless Foundation Base

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Discover how to create The Soft Radiance Look and make your foundation dewy by layering or blending with Charlotte’s CONFIDENCE GLOW FILTER, Hollywood Flawless Filter!

How To Get A Flawless Foundation Base

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Choosing And Applying Foundation For A Flawless Makeup Base

Feeling EMPOWERED and inspired to GET YOUR GLOW ON? Book a 1-2-1 virtual consultation with one of Charlotte’s MAKEUP & SKINCARE EXPERTS – your very own BEAUTY STYLISTS! UNLOCK GLOW SECRETS and discover 3 ways to apply the AWARD-WINNING Hollywood Flawless Filter for the BEST GLOW OF YOUR LIFE, plus find YOUR PERFECT SHADE MATCH! Without a well-set base, even the most natural or in-vogue makeup trends can look tacky and unappealing. It’s not just about covering your skin with layers of foundation, concealer, and priming and prep products; if you think this is the only way to achieve the perfect makeup base, the truth is that there is no ‘one answer fits all’ strategy. Because there is not just one skin type or one skincare alone.

Professional makeup artists around the world who work with the most elite celebrity clients all have different approaches to laying down the ideal foundation, with hacks to create the flawless skin effect with each individual’s skin care in mind. The right application techniques for different skin problems and the right type of product go a long way. Find out all about the basic makeup essentials you need to arm yourself with for true makeup mastery.

Finding the perfect foundation—not just in shade, but also in formula—to match your skin is extremely crucial. ‘Non-comedogenic’ is the key word for all basic make-up product formula; one should avoid a product without that factor at all costs. ‘Non comedogenic’ means that the formula will not clog pores, which is extremely important for maintaining good skin health.

Identify your skin type to determine the finish that suits you best. For dry skin, dewy and luminous foundations work best, while matte foundations can look dull after a few hours of wear. Women with oily skin can opt for powder matte formulas, while combination skin types can actually benefit from opting for both dewy and matte formulas, used in specific dry and oily areas. Skincare-infused foundations and concealers are highly recommended, especially for those with acne-prone skin. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil. For aging skin, dewy foundations infused with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E or hyaluronic acid are essential.

The Base Foundation

Tip: Use two shades of foundation to create a personalized shade that matches your skin tone; this is a smart way to achieve a natural looking base.

Color correction refers to the use of certain shades of colored concealers to cancel out or cancel out certain undertones, discoloration or blemishes on the skin. These colored correctors should only be used under foundation or concealer, and should never be applied at the end, as they are highly pigmented and have vibrant primary and secondary colors. When you​​​​are​​first​​applying​​color​​correctors​​they​​look​​obvious​​but​​as​​soon​​as​​your​​foundation​​goes​​on,​​the​​color​​correctors​​disappear​​and​​give​​a​​truly​​even​​finish.

A brush with dense bristles is ideal for foundation application. When you use this tool, pump your foundation onto the back of your hand and spread it evenly in a thick layer. Moisten the bristles of the brush with a mist, and dab the bristles into the foundation on your hand. Now dip the brush onto your skin using gentle circular motions. Repeat this step to gradually build up to the desired coverage.

Beauty blenders or makeup sponges are very popular tools for this purpose. Dot your skin with foundation all over, then dampen the sponge and bounce it over your skin, working the foundation in with the sponge to reach the contours of your face.

Base Foundation Full Coverage Face Makeup Long Lasting Wear Foundation Makeup Flawless Cosmetics Lightweight Texture (20)

Yes, if you don’t have any tools, your bare hands will do just fine. Similar to the bouncing technique used with a makeup sponge, use your fingers in tapping movements to blend in the foundation. You can either steam your fingers or spritz a face mist while tapping, and then blend your foundation in for seamless and smooth results.

Tip: Cleanse and tone your skin with appropriate skin care products, and use a lightweight vitamin C serum instead of a gel moisturizer. Opt for a pore-minimizing primer infused with skincare ingredients to prep your skin. Blend on a skin-loving mattifying foundation. Set your base with loose powder instead of a setting spray. Avoid using color correctors and concealers unless absolutely necessary, as oily skin does well with the least amount of product.

Tip: Use nourishing skin care products to cleanse and moisturize your face. Prep skin with a hydrating primer oil or a nourishing vitamin-enriched primer. Apply color correctors to the areas where they are needed, then move on to the foundation. Use a makeup sponge to blend in your dewy foundation. Opt for an illuminating concealer. Set your base with a hydrating face mist or setting spray.

Tips: Cleanse your face with an oil-absorbing cleanser, tone with a rosewater mist, and moisturize with just one skin-soothing serum. Prime the skin with a lightweight priming oil or priming water. Keep one dewy foundation in your best matching skin shade or a shade darker, and a mattifying foundation in a shade lighter. Use a mattifying foundation on areas that tend to get oily, such as the T-zone, apples of the cheeks and the chin area. Apply a mattifying concealer on blemishes. Apply the dewy foundation to the area under the eyes, the contours of your nose and mouth, and the jawline and neck. Blend with a damp makeup sponge. Seal in the base with a setting spray.

A White Makeup Base May Be The Key To A Flawless Skin Finish, White Makeup

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